About NanoLipo

NanoLipo™ by eLux Medical was developed by Professor Adah Almutairi of the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and the top US surgeons in cosmetic fat removal and skin tightening.

Less Invasive & More Beautiful Results

The NanoLipo technology is designed to help make liposuction much less invasive and results in a more aesthetically pleasing and beautiful outcome overall, especially in areas of thin skin like the stomach and upper arms. Other benefits include:

  • Up to double the amount of fat removed 1-3
  • Significantly reduced recovery time 1-3
  • Half the procedure time 1-3
  • More control for cosmetic surgeons 1-4

The NanoLipo Process: How It Works

The NanoLipo procedure developed by eLux involves adding a small quantity of gold nanoparticles to the tumescent solution, a solution typically used by surgeons. Once injected into the target area, these particles are activated by an externally applied FDA approved laser (800 nm).

The gold nanoparticles substantially improve the energy absorption, transfer rates and efficiency of the laser, quickly melting the fat and releasing it from inside the fat cell as an oily, liquid that the surgeon can easily siphon off without disturbing other tissue. Alternatively, if only a small amount of fat is released, the surgeon could let the body dispose of it on its own in a non-invasive way.

Our animal and human tissue studies show double the amount of fat removed in a single procedure. Moreover, the difference is easily visible in the color of the aspirate, which is typically light pink in conventional liposuction but a light brownish oil in eLux liposuction.

The NanoLipo Difference: Benefits for Cosmetic Surgeons & Patients

While we remove double the amount of fat, liposuction using our NanoLipo technology takes only about half the time and half the number of strokes as conventional liposuction. This not only results in more efficient use of the physician’s time, but also in no bruising or swelling and less trauma and post-operative pain for the patient.

Superior Results and Greater Patient Satisfaction

The NanoLipo procedure provides a superior aesthetic result, with a less “lumpy,” more uniform appearance since liquefied rather than solid fat is removed and less trauma causes less internal connective tissue scarring which can also contribute to a less aesthetically pleasing result.

Additionally, the laser energy provides a skin-tightening effect. We believe these improvements will create greater patient satisfaction.

Accessible & Affordable for Most Practices

NanoLipo technology can be used in most practices with no capital equipment expense, since most aesthetic surgeons already own an 800 nm laser for hair removal (although they are very affordable if purchase is necessary).

The only new expense will be the cost of the gold nanoparticles and this will be significantly less than the cost of consumables used by the best known non-invasive technologies.

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