About eLux Medical

Our Mission

We believe there exists a strong latent demand for improved outcomes for both surgical liposuction patients and minimally invasive fat removal patients, and we believe our technology will improve outcomes and propel demand for both.

About Our Founder

eLux Medical was founded by Professor Adah Almutairi at the University of California, San Diego. Professor Almutairi also:

  • Is a scholar, inventor, entrepreneur, and advisor with over 25 years experience in Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Materials Science and Polymer Chemistry
  • Holds over a dozen patents, many licensed to various industries & currently generating royalties to UCSD
  • Has consulted for several Fortune 500 companies
  • Has 10 years experience as U.S. government Science policy maker with a focus on Research & Development and Innovation for a knowledge-based economy

Professor Almutairi was featured in Forbes as one of the top 10 “Most Influential Women in Engineering in the World.” Her groundbreaking work was highlighted by U.S. NIH director Francis Collins to Congress as one of the four most important American technology breakthroughs of the year 2012.

How eLux Started

A Need for More Natural & Beautiful Results

eLux Medical was founded, in part, as a response to the current limitations of fat removal procedures. Like many mothers, Almutairi was looking for a safe way to get her body back in shape after pregnancy, but was dissatisfied with what the current procedures had to offer – including liposuction. She knew there must be a less invasive and less painful technology available.

Almutairi developed the NanoLipo technology to create more natural, aesthetically pleasing, and beautiful results post-op, and remove several pain points associated with traditional liposuction, including those for new mothers.

Leveraging Gold Nanoparticle Technology

Almutairi was inspired by the properties of gold nanoparticles that were being explored at the time in cancer treatment, and intrigued that the same properties could be useful in aesthetic medicine. Although gold has been used since the beginning of time in medicine and beauty, it hadn’t been used in aesthetic medicine yet.

Among other things, researchers have been using an infrared laser to excite gold particles in cancer cells which causes them to emit heat and consequently destroys the cells. Almutairi wondered if a gentler, less invasive approach could be used to simply melt the fat – without destroying any cells.

Armed with the knowledge that fat melts at a lower temperature than temperatures that cause connective tissue or nerve cells to burn, the idea seemed viable to Almutairi – and eLux Medical was formed to begin developing this new NanoLipo technology in 2013.