Revolutionizing the World of Aesthetic Medicine

eLux Medical has developed a groundbreaking new fat removal technology utilizing pure gold nanoparticles, drastically improving traditional cosmetic fat removal procedures in numerous ways.

Revolutionizing the World of Aesthetic Medicine

eLux Medical has developed a groundbreaking new fat removal technology utilizing pure gold nanoparticles, drastically improving traditional cosmetic fat removal procedures in numerous ways.

Introducing NanoLipo: More Control for Cosmetic Surgeons

NanoLipo™ was developed by Professor Adah Almutairi of the University of California, San Diego (UCSD) and the top US surgeons in cosmetic fat removal and skin tightening. Among her many accomplishments, Almutairi was featured in Forbes as one of the top 10 “Most Influential Women in Engineering in the World.”

The NanoLipo technology is designed to help make liposuction much less invasive, resulting in significantly reduced recovery time, while doubling the amount of fat removed – in half the procedure time – and offering more control for cosmetic surgeons. 1-4

Increased Satisfaction for Liposuction Patients

For decades, the cosmetic fat removal process has been incredibly invasive, painful, inconsistent and involved weeks of recovery. Despite being the number one cosmetic surgery worldwide, liposuction has the lowest patient satisfaction rate – and is associated with dozens of medical complications, repeat surgeries, and painful recovery. 5-7

With NanoLipo, a brand-new revolutionary technology in cosmetic fat removal that allows surgeons to more accurately target fat, eLux Medical hopes to change all of that.

The eLux Difference

Our process offers incredible benefits, and removes several pain points associated with traditional liposuction; including: 1-3
  • Up to double the amount of fat removed
  • Zero bruising or swelling
  • Half the procedure time
  • Minimal scarring
  • Minimal nerve damage
  • Minimally invasive
  • Smoother, tighter and more aesthetically pleasing results
  • Significantly shorter recovery period

How eLux’s NanoLipo Technology Works

Adding Gold Nanoparticles

eLux Medical’s NanoLipo technology involves adding a small quantity of gold nanoparticles to the liposuction solution a healthcare provider typically uses. Once injected into the target area, these particles are activated by an externally applied diode laser (800 nm).

The gold nanoparticles allow efficient energy absorption and transfer rates, leading to fat escaping the fat cells. The surgeon can either siphon off the liquid fatty acid or allow the body to eliminate it on its own, depending on the amount released which is controlled by the surgeon.

A More Fat Selective Process for Surgeons

Because this technology allows the process to be more fat selective, the majority of what is removed is actually fat – and afterwards, the tissue, including skin, connective tissue, and blood vessels, is smoother, less scarred, and less damaged. In comparison, the majority of what is removed in traditional liposuction is not fat, but rather blood vessels, nerves, and connective tissue. 1-4

Why NanoLipo Improves Cosmetic Fat Removal Procedures

Current laser liposuction technology can only provide two dimensional heating because a laser tip must be inserted directly into the fatty tissue – NanoLipo provides comprehensive three-dimensional fat release using an external laser with a wide area of exposure. The process is designed to offer surgeons improved control and a smoother, less invasive procedure for the client.

At eLux, we believe there exists a strong latent demand for improved outcomes for both surgical liposuction patients and minimally invasive fat removal patients – and we believe our superior technology will improve outcomes and propel demand for both.

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